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Nicaragua is becoming widely recognized as the last location for dramatically under priced Nicaragua real estate on the Pacific Ocean.


We have the best Real Estate in Nicaragua at a great price. After the last 30 years of political stability, the government recognized the value of tourism to support its emerging economy. Moreover, they have the chance to become a green energy powerhouse. Currently, they generate about half of the country’s energy from renewable energy resources. They estimate that roughly 90% of the country’s energy will be produced by renewable energy sources in a few years.


Nicaragua is on pace to quickly become the economic power house of Central America and the developing world. Including, the fast emergence of Nicaragua real estate. They are becoming a role model of fiscal responsibility for their continent.


The result is that Nicaragua has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for traveling surfers, and investors alike. Yet with more people purchasing Nicaragua real estate, seeking out and locating ocean front property at a reasonable price is not likely going to be possible for the next generation of traveling surfers or savvy investors. With this in mind, Mango Time Beach Resort has secured several lots on some of the most desirable ocean view. These lots are located on the Emerald Coast in Nicaragua. And now we’d like to offer them to you.

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Mango Time Offers Real Estate Deals in Nicaragua

We have ocean view lots ready for development that can be sold with or without house plans. We also offer customization of layout for construction. Each set of plans includes all required permits and environmental impact studies.


There has simply never been a better time to purchase real estate in Nicaragua. While it’s still possible to buy a beautiful piece of paradise for roughly the same price that most will spend on their next new car. The constantly improving infrastructure and the goal of becoming 90% powered by natural resources mean that Nicaragua has nowhere to go but up, and everybody brave enough to ride the wave will benefit.


Enquire about financing and own your own piece of paradise today. Most investors have found that it is possible to own a beautiful home, that they can stay at a few times a year, but still turn a profit, with rental income from Airbnb.