Welcome to MangoTime Beach Resort in Nicaragua!

We are strategically located near the Astillero Bay boat launch to get you to the best breaks first.


300 Days a Year of Offshore Wind!

Ride Waves

If you are a first-time visitor, or you are chasing down the most powerful wave in Central America known as Outer Reef Popoyo, or a seasoned veteran looking for the most barrels per hour, on a tight one-week time frame, MangoTime Beach Resort in Nicaragua has the package for you.

Enjoy with your Family

If you are an ex-hardcore extremist, who now sports a family of six, you might consider a house with a pool and bbq to accommodate everyone, as you pass time making sure that the offshore winds are still distorting and enlarging the barrels at local breaks.

Invest Smart

If you are an avid real estate investor, looking for the next Central American Hot Spot Investment, we have ocean view lots at unbelievable prices. If your latest Nicaraguan development didn’t go exactly according to plan, we have feet on the ground ready to help get things back on track. 

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